Saturday, August 1, 2009

For Everything Else, There's a Handful of Pocket Change

A few Little People toys from a garage sale as reward for a little boy for being good while being dragged from one sale to another in a city-wide garage sale: $1

Blurry photo of said little (currently camera-shy) boy playing with said toys and getting one of said toys thrown at head, after which said little boy has to go upstairs for making mad faces at Daddy after being reprimanded: Priceless. GAH!

(Wondering why you don't see pictures of Jonah on this blog these days? There's a reason.)


  1. Does he know he's blog fodder?

    New header on the first day of the month! Woo Hoo!
    (You must be short on things to do)

  2. is he going through a bashful stage?

  3. Wait, he threw a toy at your head, or he had a toy thrown at his head? If the latter, why are you throwing toys?

  4. Karen Deborah-- Um, more like an ornery stage...

    Seth-- Oh yeah, thanks. No, he definitely threw it at me...