Monday, July 27, 2009

Relational Difficulties

Jonah: "Mom, can I go with you tomorrow?"

Me: "Um. Where am I going?"

J: "To your parents' to see the animals!"

M: "Uh... no, I'm not going to my parents'. It's too far away. Besides, I would take you with me if I were going. Say... Who are my parents, anyway?"

J: "You know! Those... uh.. girls! Who live down the road."

M: "Really. No, my parents are Grandma and Grandpa. Daddy's parents are Oma and Opa. Your parents are me and Daddy."

J: "No! My Grandpa is my Grandpa!"

M: "Yeah, and he's my Dad! How do you think he got to be your Grandpa?"

J: Long pause. "No, you and Daddy are not my parents!"

M: "Oh yeah? Who is then?"

J: "My friends! My friends are my parents."

M: "Well. And how old are your friends?"

J: "Um... five and half!"

M: "This conversation is not making sense anymore."

J: "Yeah. Cuz you're my Mommy. Not my parent."

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