Saturday, July 4, 2009

As American As... pie! Or cherry and blueberry as the case may be.

See? Red in the cherries, blue in the blueberries and even... a white flour (gasp!) crust!

Our Independence Day celebration with friends is actually going to be tomorrow, since Saturday is not a good day for a pastor's family to party. Especially when it's with another pastor's family...

Actually, our celebration seems to be lasting for three days, since we went to fireworks last night. Yeah. Don't ask me why they have fireworks on the third of July in our town. They have strange customs in this land...

But today, I'm making pies. And other food. Supposedly. I haven't quite gotten to the other food yet. And it's, what... 8:45. Oh, dear. And what am I doing? Noooot making food. Eh-hem.

See, the pies occupied more of my food making time than I had planned. Cuz I went all fancy on their be-hinds.

And then I went all fancier on their derrieres...

...and then I went out in the barn to dig through Nathan's tool box to find some tool with which to knock some sense into myself.

But I snapped out of it because Jonah wanted to use the leftover crust to make some of our secret-family-recipe-cinnamon-twists.

They were yummy!

The pies turned out alright too...

If I do say so myself.

Happy Independence Day!

(And now I should probably go work on the rest of that food I'm supposed to be producing. Apologies for the poor pictures-- no time for edits today! Sure, a little "unsharp mask" and color balancing only takes a couple minutes, but my computer is too pokey these days... Which doesn't help the fact that here it's the 4th of July and my masthead still says June... sigh.)


  1. Those are prettier than any pie I've ever made. Can I hire you to make pie for me?

    The picture of Jonah spreading cinnamon is precious! Kiss the kid from Grandma!

  2. Holy! I've never made pie like that (yet). That looks so good!

  3. Gorgeous if I had me some blue ribbons I'd mail them to you. I think those photos need to be blown up, matted, framed, and hung up in the kitchen. Beauteous. bet they were lip smackin good and that there isn't a trace left today.

  4. I'm proud of you for using white flour, wheat is for bread not dessert. BLECH on whole wheat crust, phoooie blech.

  5. Man, those look good. You know, mom told me she'd make me a different cake every day when I come home to visit sometime. You can totally sign up for that, but with pie instead.