Thursday, February 26, 2009


I know.

I'm nuts.

Here, I will confess The Crazy.

I will Tell All.

Show you a Dirty Secret.

Very dirty.

Yeah, I totally let my kid play with dirt in the house.

Look, it's the end of February. There are worse things than a little dirt in the house.

Like a whiny and bored 3 year old. Believe me, that's worse.

It really drives me nuts when I hear parents get worked up about dirt. "EEEEEK! Don't do that! You'll get dirty!" As if that's the worse thing ever. Kids get dirty. It's good for them. It's good for their minds, their immune systems and yes, even their digestion. Not even kidding on that one.

But is it going overboard to let my kid play with dirt in the house?


But at least the only price to pay for hours of entertainment is a few quick minutes with a broom.


  1. Oh boy. You've set a precedent now.

    There are indoor sandboxes, donchaknow. Have Daddy build one and keep the dirt and/or sand in place. Kind of.

  2. Well, it started as a little dirt left in a long window-box style planter from which I was salvaging the potting soil. He was just driving his trucks IN the planter, but then the dirt started coming out. Oh well. I'm sure it would be the same with a sandbox. As long as the dirt stays in the same approximate pile, I'll deal with it.

  3. Interesting. i have long been an advocate of tree climbing, mud pies, mud wrestling (for kids) and just being outside without helmets and every kind of knee protective device. I am probably too much of clean freak to put a pile of dirt on my floor. But then if it was really cold and snowy in Feb and I had a 3 year old boy? Yeah, why not.
    your cool.

  4. Save photos- down the road when he disagrees that you're the coolest mom evah, you can whip them out and say "I let you play with dirt in the house at 3 years old. Your argument is invalid."

  5. Somehow, I really can't see mom doing that. She FREAKS at just a little dirt brought in by bringing in wood.