Friday, February 13, 2009

To Stay Out of the Straightjacket

I've said before that I get a little bit nuts in the winter. I do crazy things like chopping off my hair, adopting crazy, overgrown puppies, making strange experiments for supper (guess what I'm making tonight? Cheese-burger soup! AH-HAHAA!), grinding up an old milk cow, or starting drivel-filled blogs. (Today for example, I got a rabbit. Some neighbors came by and dropped her off, "Will you give her a home?" What could I say. She's not a useful rabbit, she's a wannabe show rabbit. I would love to bring her in the house, but Nathan might blow a gasket. We've been there before. But that's another story for another time.)

Generally, I have spring-fever all winter long. It starts as soon as the leaves fall off the trees.

I'm not very "zen" am I?

Anyway, spring-fever is nothing new. But now I'm getting The Spring Itch.

The Spring Itch causes me to start noticing things. Dust bunnies. Grungy walls. Smudged windows. Broken toys. Boxes of things I haven't needed. Piles of books and papers. Junk Drawers. Clutter. Dirt.

There is also a matching Fall Itch, but I don't want to think about that right now.

So I'm feeling the need to freshen everything up.



I'm starting an overhaul of my living room.

Those grungy walls? Getting painted.

Those rough, ugly beams holding the upstairs up off our heads? Getting painted.

That worn and gouged, old plank floor? Getting painted.

Everything is getting painted.

Well, not the ceiling. The ceiling is doing okay, and I hate painting ceilings. Or rather, my neck hates it.

Today, I painted the double doors that lead to the front porch. "Spinach Salad" the color is called. Appropriate for The Spring Itch, wouldn't you say?

I'm trying to pick a color for the walls. I thought I had it licked, but I'm so glad I bought a sample, cuz it didn't turn out to be what I'm going for. I want a warm green, but not putrid or dark. Not bluish, or grayish, just warm, but not pea. Am I asking too much? Probably. there's always a disconnect between the colors in my head and the colors that come in the cans. In the future, we'll be able to hook our brains up the the computer in the paint section and the computer will make a recipe for the color we want.

Anyway, I haven't quite gotten the urge to do anything about the decluttering and cleaning, so I'll start with the painting. And maybe sewing some new accent pillows. Curtains would be nice, too, but I think they are a luxury given the expense. The cleaning will come with the warmer weather. In the meantime, I'll keep myself sane by slopping paint on every surface that doesn't move.

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  1. whew sounds like a lot of work. Ummm maybe you want to spice up your blog with some photos and some blog polls. sounds like your rough beams and plank floors would be better just scrubbed or something. Aren't those the character of old farm houses? Are you sure about painting those? Won't the floors chip and peel and get nasty?
    I mean you are the one who said they are kinda losing it right now so sloppin paint around on everything might be something you regret when the sun starts shining again.
    Besides prepping for painting is so much work you'll kill yourself with a project that big. Bake a pan of brownies and forget about it.