Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Axe

We don't watch much TV. We're just not that into it. We only have some fuzzy network stations that we can get to come in if the rabbit ears are pointed just right and the moon is in it's seventh house and you stand on your head and touch you nose with your elbow. (I am glad to hear that they've pushed back cutting the analog signal, because even with the fancy digital antenna we were given, which does actually help the analog, we get a crumby digital signal. As in, none.) Anyway, all that to say that anything we watch, we pretty much watch online. Hulu is our favorite for catching up on the few things that we watch.

So tonight we snuggled up with a laptop to watch the latest episode of Crusoe that we thought would have aired last night. And... there was no new episode. Okay, so it's a break between seasons, we thought. But sadly enough, Google informs me that Crusoe is canceled.

I don't care much about TV, so it shouldn't be a big deal to me, but I am really bummed about this! It was the only decent thing on TV! There was NOTHING objectionable about this show. We didn't miss an episode. It was maybe a little hokey sometimes, but generally a fun and imaginative series. And they didn't even give it an ending. We didn't get to see Robinson Crusoe get off the island and be reunited with his family, or even rebuild his awesome treehouse after it was burned in the last episode. How anticlimactic.

I admit that I had a bad feeling that it was doomed from the start. It was just too... good. Decent. Unoffensive. Moral. There was even the occasional Biblical reference, a couple of times including salvation from sin.

Just like with Firefly (okay, not entirely decent, but very fun) or Pushing Daisies (a very clever show, also pretty unobjectionable), only the good die young.


  1. when the moon is in the 7th house and jupiter line with mars then peace will come to the antennae and love will fill the boobtube

    you should start watching the office. I recommend starting from season 1. it's awesome and as addictive as crystalmeth pb&j sandwitch

  2. your right, another good reason to just kick the thing right out of the house. If my husband wasn't into football we'd disconnect. You can't even flip the channels without seeing all manner of grotesque stuff.

  3. Yeah, I'd just about kick it out (thankfully we have no sports addictions in this house) but I do have a movie addiction, albeit long unfed due to lack of funds (which is probably good for me). So the TV stays only for the fact that it's connected to my DVD player...

    Yes, I have enjoyed the occasional Office episode, but have avoided it because I don't really need another addiction. Also, Nathan hates it. At least we could watch Crusoe together.

    I'll just take your word for it on the sandwich.