Tuesday, October 28, 2008

None Sense

Jonah: "I say 'hi' to pilots! And to Loretta. I just say 'hi!' and 'hi, Pilot!' And that's for 'ding, dong! ding, dong! For belling at church. And bells say 'doooong'."

Me: "Bells ring. Ring the bell!"

J: "No... There aren't any rings! Just bells! They don't ring. Bells are for belling way up high in the church. But only mermaids. Mermaids bell. Oh, yeah.... yeah, they ring. Mermaids ring. And they have burps! In their mouth, they have burps."

Me: "Mermaids do?"

J: "Yeah. And nice water. And I'm a f-f-f-fuss pot. A pus fo... no, a fup- fffffuss pot. No, no, YOU are a fffffuss fot... ffffuss pot. And I am the owner. Can you do some things? But maybe later. When it's morning, I will tell you questions. It's on Saturday. And when I was a monkey, I climbed waaaay up up up high."

Come again?


  1. did you change your email? it said it couldn't deliver an email I sent

  2. This made me laugh out loud at the computer screen. He sounds like quite a handful, but a joy as well :)