Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From the Past

Jonah has developed a habit of pulling my photo albums off the shelf and pouring over them for hours. Once in a great while, he's unbelievably easy to entertain...

So he gets these out and turns pages, looking at all the people. I remind him occasionally to be careful with the pages. In the recent ones, he recognizes people, and in the older ones, he's completely unwilling to believe that the baby-faced guy with no beard is his Daddy...

So today, he found Nathan's old photo album from his childhood. I haven't looked at this in a very long time and I seem to remember giving up in despair last time I tried. I'm a little bit particular about chronology, see, and he certainly wasn't when he put this album together. I think he just stuffed a pile of pictures into a book in whatever order they happened to be in.

I just can't handle that.

Today, I happened to glance over while Jonah was looking and I saw this picture:

Oh, aren't they adorable all in their school uniforms, catching snowflakes on their tongues! That's Nathan, second from the left, flanked by his big sisters, I think. I imagine the cute little red-head is a school mate.

Then on the same page, I saw an old picture that has... JONAH in it! I'm sure that must be him... I'd know his sweet little face anywhere--

Time travel?? I guess not. Jonah's just a chip off the old block, that's all. Nathan was the cutest kid EVER. I guess he must be a little older than Jonah in this picture. The bespectacled kids are his older brother and sisters and I'm not sure who the other kids are. Oh, the cuteness!!

Then there was this one:

Yes, Nathan has always had a bit of a temper... I'm not sure who the other kids are, but I think the two littlest kids in the front are his younger siblings. Maybe his parents are reading and will chime in in the comments?

I love looking at old pictures...


  1. From Nathan to the left are Nathan, Loraine in front, Phillip farthest left. The children to the right are the Galloway children including the little boy cherub on the right side facing the picture. In the top picture, he is flanked by Marion & Rachel.

  2. These are adorable!

    You got the chronology thing from me, ya know. My pet peeve has infected you. To this day I have pictures not in albums, only because I can't insert them into the right page where they belong chronologically without messing up all the rest.

  3. Top picture:
    Marion, Nathan, and Rachel Diers; Karen Galloway.

    Back; Wayne and Anne Galloway
    Front; Karen Galloway, Rachel Nathan and Marion Diers

    Phillip, Loraine and Nathan Diers, Leslie, Karen and Grant Galloway.

    Sometimes Grandpas CAN remember!

  4. Oops! Middle picture, I forgot Martin! My bad!

  5. And Loraine is SO Brigette in this picture!

  6. I know! That's what I thought, too! Look, it's Brigette and Jonah! The genes run strong in this family...