Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Progess So Far

So, time for another kitchen-update, no?

After the floor was installed, Nathan rented a big sander and set to work.

This step was longer than it was supposed to be since the sander left some "swirly-marks" (yes, that is a technical term. Really.) that we spend, oh, a couple weeks trying to work out. I maintained that they wouldn't be noticeable unless you crawled around on you hands and knees, and besides, the add character. But we had to try while we had the chance. So we worked and worked and sanded and sanded. Then gave up and stained. The extra sanding was for naught. They're still there, but turns out I was right. It's gonna be fine.

So I did two coats of stain.

Then, it got very humid, took four full days for the stain to dry, and we had to keep waiting for ideal conditions for polyurethane. Arg. Hurry up and wait. That's the story of my kitchen.

So Nathan has taken advantage of every small dip in the humidity to coat it with polyurethane.

But still, there always have to be problems, right? The first coat blistered quite a lot. So that took a lot of sanding. Second coat only blistered slightly, but upon examination, it proved to be covered in well-preserved dead bugs. Nathan did that coat at night and the bugs came in, but were apparently overcome with the fumes. So were we, but at least we didn't have to worry about slowly sinking through the air to a plastic grave.

As I type this, Nathan is picking dead bugs and sanding. Again.

And Jonah's helping. Or he was until he decided to come sit on my lap while I type.

So... Third time's the charm, right? Let's cross our fingers for a smooth final coat! (And a swift installation of cabinets and countertop...)

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  1. Wow. Ya'll are ambitious.
    Did you try some lighter grit sandpaper than the 60 or 80 you were probably using (Or did you whip out the Bazooka and just use 36?)?

    Good luck with all that