Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I stained my kitchen floor today. It was a hard job on my hands and knees, rubbing and wiping the stain and trying to make it all even... Sweating profusely in the humidity from the rain we finally got. I hate sweating. Ick. Anyway, I even did a second coat of stain a few hours later to deepen it and make sure it was all well saturated. It's lovely, and I'll post pictures soon.

Jonah was awfully good while I was working. He played happily with his cars and trucks and hardly bothered me at all. Later, he left with his Daddy to go do manly things.

So after I got done, I grabbed Nathan's laptop and headed out onto the porch to rest and get some fresh air. And as I set the laptop on the little table so I could sit in one of my new-old deck chairs, what did I see, but this:

And this:

I'm gonna go gnash my teeth for a while, thanks.


  1. SO much for painting...



    Grow a thick skin because this is the first (?) of MANY things to be destroyed by kids.