Sunday, June 1, 2008

Of Wicker and Cherry Trees

After my last post, my dear brother (pro-painter-turned-foreign-charity-foundation-inspector) left this comment in reference to my wicker furniture:

If my opinion counts...

Don't spray paint. It won't seal up the wood, it's expensive, and messy. Get a gallon of some cheap oil based paint (good color, like white- classic for deck furniture!) and a cheap throw away brush so you don't have to buy thinner to clean it. Then paint. Seal up the wood, make it look good. Spray paint sucks, and it's uneconomical in the end.

Hey, bro, did you miss the part about them being wicker?

I don't know if I wanna paint that with a brush... All those teeny spaces in the weave to catch globs of paint... That's okay, I don't really wanna spray it either. Maybe I'll just leave it until it disintegrates like the previous set.

And we ("we" being relative, of course. 'Cause as you can see, I did most of the work... Okay... look, my husband's a really sweet guy and he did the actual digging. And planting. Anway.) planted our cherry tree today.

It's our first fruit tree! (Not counting the three overgrown apples that were here before us.) I'm hoping to plant lots more, but fruit trees are a little spendy...

Yeah, it's small. So maybe I'll get to make a cherry pie billy boy billy boy in oh, ten years.


P.S. I know (and find it hard to believe) that it's the first of June. New masthead forthcoming.


  1. Nice! Why can't I find furniture like that for $5??

    Paint it with a brush. It'll be worth it.

    That's how big our new sour cherry tree is. The other cherry tree is twenty feet tall and we planted it when...four years ago?

    June 1. Yea right. COLD again!!

  2. Yeah, like mom said, brush it. 2 coats, really thin each. Oil paints are very 'heavy bodied' so they like to run. Just brush it on thin and force it into the cracks of the wicker. Don't focus on coverage on the first coat- it'll get done on the second. And let it dry overnight. Wrap the brush in plastic wrap between coats to avoid cleaning it or having a completely useless paperweight the next day. It'll take a bit of time (you have TONS, right?), but last forever.

  3. And your property looks much more rad in the summer. Too bad it's not like that year-round, eh?

    Maybe some photos of the new kitchen floor soon?

  4. So will oil paint keep the already brittle wood from cracking and breaking any more?

    I already have so many things to paint (barstools, cabinets, raised beds, plus a floor to stain) that I need the help of an expert-- eh-HEM.

    Oh, and that's not our property! See the road there? Across it is the neighbors. Bummer, I know.

  5. Good grief, only a guy would ask for pictures of a WOOD FLOOR.
    'round here all you have to do is look down!

  6. Oil paint is def gonna add some structure- it 'glues' everything back together and prevents the future cracking. It'll defintily preserve it all for some time.
    Sorry you don't live in Switzerland so I can help you