Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing of Import

I know it's been a few days... I tried to post the other day, but Blogger was giving me fits. But anyway, all I have today is drivel.

Here is my day's work: strawberry jam. 27 jars. Maybe it'll get us through the year, but Jonah sure eats a lot of jam these days.

He wanted to eat the foam that I skimmed from the jam. In a bowl. With a spoon. Don't know how healthy that is, but I remember doing it when I was a kid and Mom made jam, so I let him.

He also requested that I take a picture of his elbow.

So there it is: Jonah's elbow. And that's not blood soaking his sweatshirt, by the way. It's strawberry juice, of course. Which is also what's on his face, fingers, and the rest of his shirt. He might have had a few strawberries.

And just when I got done with jam-making (jamming?) and finally sat down, I realized I had no ideas for supper, including no meat thawed. But I had some bacon in the fridge, (to make up for the lack of (and thus rationing of) eggs for breakfast, which is due to a funeral at the house of the Amish neighbors from whom I buy my eggs. Uh, did that make any sense?) and I had two eggs (despite the egg-famine) and some delicious Parmesan cheese (in an actual wedge) so I made Spaghetti Carbonara. Yum! That name always makes me laugh. Carbonara? Burnt Spaghetti? Bubbly Spaghetti? What kind of spahetti now?

Oh, and Jonah has an imaginary friend. (Waaah! My baby's growing up!) His name is Charlie. He's 8 and he goes to school and church. This was completely out of the blue, and I don't even know where he came up with the name. To use psychology, I would guess it's his way of creating his own reality in order to deal with his perceived deprivations as a three-year old... Or, maybe it's just because he's an only child and has no one to play with.

Aaaand... umm... (searching for content here) Oh, we started watching a movie on Hulu, The Barbarian and the Geisha. John Wayne goes to Japan. Hmmm. But Nathan needed to go to bed so he could actually get up for work, and I needed to pack him a lunch and write this exceptionally boring blog post and take a shower and go to bed. And I'm noticing that a couple of those items are still unaccomplished, so I will get moving to finish the list. G'night.

***Bonus: I know you'll be refreshing my site multiple times tomorrow as you wait for a riveting post touring my garden! Action! Adventure! Swashbuckling! ...Okay, so none of those. But you'll just have to take what you can get around here.


  1. Love It!!

    Another day in the life....

    Sounds very familiar.
    Love Jonah's elbow.
    The jam looks scrumptious.

    Love you guys!

  2. I heard imaginary friends are earthbound spirits - not scary ones, but ones that died without "closure."

  3. Hmmm... Well, I know that depending on a person's belief (or lack thereof) in Christ as their Savior from sin, souls either go to heaven or hell. Therefore, I will stick with the "three-year-old's active imagination" theory.

  4. The strawberry stuff looks divine. Is that what the hip hoppers refer to as a "jam session?" ;)