Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to Jump Back in the Hampster Wheel

So we're back home, trying to get back to real life. Actually, I think I need to start by getting back into the local time zone...

I've been up waaay too late. Late enough, even, to indulge in hilarious junk like "The Late, Late Show". I know, it's awfull, but dang, that guy is funny... And then I can't get up until 10:00. (7:00 in Oregon! And that's when I was getting up there, so it only makes sense...) Oops, so much for feeding my husband breakfast and making his lunch before he leaves for work... Oh well, I'll get there.

So, my posts here have been few and far between, but I'll try to do better now, really. I will. I'm just dreadfully uninspired lately. I haven't had a funny thought enter my head in days. Sigh. I also want to do a more playing with photos and graphics, but without my own computer, that's been a little difficult. Hmmm... I'm due for a new masthead tomorrow, too, being May 1 and all (Ack! Already?). Maybe I'll have to put Gimp on my dear husband's computer... Bear with me if the top of my site says "April 08" for a few days into May... Also, I took most of my photos during my trip on my Minolta, and that means film and developing. (You've heard of it, right?) Aaaand it just occured to me that my dear-heart's laptop is not usually on speaking terms with the scanner, so you may have to wait even longer for those pictures. Hm. See what I mean? This is why I seem to have no blog fodder. But if you have any better ideas, you can leave me a suggestion in the comments, and I'll see what I can do...

We're working on the computer situation and I'm still kind of mourning my laptop. It sits on my desk, dead and silent and I just long to hit that power buton and see the lights come on! However, this is a blessing in diguise, I'm sure. I have so much work to do around here, and I need to spend less time on the www. If Nathan ever gets home from work today, he's going to finish sanding the drywall, and then we'll (are you ready for this?) START PRIMING AND PAINTING MY KITCHEN! This is monumental. I think it's been about a month that we've been about to start painting any day. Aaaaaany day. So maybe I shouldn't speak too soon now. And I have tons of outside work to do. The sun is shining here, but it's not quite warm enough for my tastes. Still, I can't resist, and we spent quite a while outside today picking rocks and cleaning flower beds and picking rocks and digging and raking and picking more rocks. I tell ya, I don't know where they come from. They weren't there last summer. But now it's spring, and it looks like it snowed rocks at some point in the winter. Either that or they just breed right there in my flower beds (shameful creatures). Anyway, I filled a wheelbarrow with them. Next, I should pull some weeds (talk about breeding).

Okay, well, I will now end this ridiculous ramble and maybe tomorrow post something of substance. Or maybe not.


  1. Jump, hampster, and run like the lightning! Lame about the 35mm, digital gets addicting quick like. Neccisitas un bueno digital SLR.
    Shooting you an email now

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