Monday, April 21, 2008

Blossom Time

Caution: if you are a certain brother of mine who is far away and very homesick right now, just stop reading now. Go find something else to do, like re-reading my archives.

This past weekend was Blossom Festival here in the Hood River Valley. It's totally gorgeous with all the apple and pear and cherry orchards in full bloom. It's been a nerve-wracking one for the orchardists, though, with the freezing temperatures we've been having. Thankfully for them, there's been snow rather than frost, which is will quickly kill the harvest. With snow, at least they'll get a few pieces of fruit, even if they're disfigured...

I promise you, there is a great big volcano in that photo. No, really, it's there! What, you can't see it? Hm, that's funny. I was sure it was there...

Mom made roasted smoked turkey and garlic mashed potatoes which we all enjoyed until our zippers gave out.

Then we finished it up with some of this:

Best. Cherry. Pie. Ever.


And I made Lemon Drops as a night-cap while we watched, yet again, our traditional chick-flick.

And sadly, this morning, the good spirits were dashed when we woke up to this:

I don't know where spring went. I came here for early spring while it would still be warming up at home, but I hear that the temps have been summer-like at home, and here, it's freezing. What gives? Am I doomed to eternal winter?

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  1. Ahhh snow! Ahh fam! ahhh mommas cherry pies!!! Ahhh.... washed out hazy highlights on your camera...

    You need a DSLR like mine to underexpose those washed out days. Then I guess you have underexposed lowlights...

    When I buy the Canon 40D (I'm sereous! I'm outgrowing this one. Well, the lens anyway. Why buy a lens if you can get a body with for$600 more?) then I'll send you my XTi for Christmas