Friday, April 4, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

So, I'm trying to choose a paint color for my kitchen. I need a perfect yellow. Not bright, lemon, butter, Provence, mustard, orangy, beigy or peachy. Just a perfect, subdued, deep, rich, soft, yellow. That's not asking too much is it?

Here are the colors I'm testing. I know it's hard to really see them from the picture. And I can't really represent different lights, because, well, it's a point'n'shoot camera. So you'll just have to, you know, use your imagination. (Look, I did my best, okay? Try to imagine the colors without the greyish cast from the camera... yeah).

Oh, and here are some gratuitous shots of Jonah, waiting for Daddy to take him to bed last night.

Anyway. So the colors I'm testing are not quite exactly what I had in mind... I'm not sure what to do.

And then I had inspiration. I'll ask you, my lovely and loyal readers (yes, all two of you... this should be interesting) to decide for me! So, vote in my poll, and tell me what you think. I don't promise to follow your decision, but I'll take it into serious consideration. And then go and do whatever I want. But still, please vote! Tell me what you think!


Oh! But then, today, I was making bread. The price of wheat and spelt (and I use spelt all the time) just recently skyrocketed, so I was using Kamut (still not cheap, but right now it's way better the price of spelt!). I love Kamut flour. It's delicious and has the most beautiful golden yellow color (can you see where I'm going with this?). And it hit me: I know what color I want to paint my kitchen. Kamut. It's the perfect yellow. But I can't seem to find it on a paint chip. Do you think I could take a piece of the Kamut bread dough to the paint store and have them use their machine to color-match it? I'm sure they do fabric and wall-paper all the time, but bread dough? Sure. Sure... It wouldn't hurt to ask, right?

(Okay, so this photo doesn't do the color justice, either. It kinda looks like ordinary bread dough. Again, imagination. It really is loverly...)

Oh, and to make matters worse... I also have to pick a stain color for my hardwood floor. This is tricky. I'm not a fan of the usual oak color for floors. I lovelovelove dark hardwood floors. They're so rich and dramatic and striking. The trouble is, I've already experience dark colored flooring when I painted my living room floor a dark chocolate color. It shows. every. stinkin. footprint. So mainly, it's beautiful when it's clean.

Sigh. Color picking is agonizing.


  1. Hi, I'm Hal... Gold, where?... so... enticing... ugh... must resist... hilarious... blog poll...

    I voted Dicover gold.

    I wish I was putting my immense talent to use paintin your kitchen.

    And, as of when I voted, I was 50 percent of the votes. Looks like you got all 2 of your readers!

    You should take your bread down to the paint store. Stranger things have happened in the industry, and the color matching systems are incredible these days

  2. Hi, I'm Hal...

    I can't vote!!! Mom already voted and it wont let me vote now!!!

    but katie....please please please don't embarrass the family by taking BREAD DOUGH to a PAINT STORE!!

    They all look to pale, to yellow, or to orange the way you DON'T want it.

  3. Go for the Gold, Sweetie! In fact, take a trip to your local printer, ask for a sheet of Astrobrights Galaxy Gold, take that to the paint store and have them match it!

    I tried that for the office of the print shop (got vetoed, but I still liked the idea).