Saturday, October 30, 2010


We been listening to the Kid's Folk music station on Pandora lately. As far as kid's music goes, this stuff is gold! I reallyreallyreally despise smarmy, repetitive, inane songs billed for kids. Children do not need dumbed-down music. The songs on this station are fun, silly, complex and just plain enjoyable.

Through this station I've discovered Woody Guthrie. His children's songs are really pretty great! I'm quite certain that only a father could write those kind of songs, because they just ring so true. We really like this one, and sing it to Evan all the time:

(I was a little confused about the whole "This Machine Kills Fascists" image at the beginning, until I looked him up on Wikipedia and found that he had that on his guitar. Oooookay.)


  1. Hello, I surfed to your blog here! I am very interested in finding the Kid's Folk Music station at Pandora, but I can't seem to find it! Could you post a link?

  2. I must agree only a dad could write like that.