Sunday, October 10, 2010


It is fall.

You can tell by all the leaves everywhere.

So we took a walk to soak it all up before it's all gone.

Sometimes we danced.

But not Evan.

He rode.

I love fall.

Except when I remember that it inevitably leads to winter.

Which I don't care for.

At all.

But for now I'll enjoy the harvest.

And the sunshine.

Before it's all gone.


  1. yep the cold is coming we are way behind on rain so we aren't the usual pretty fall, yours however is spectacular. this post is sweet. babies do that too everything.

  2. You've been about a month ahead of us all year and you still are. I just harvested another big box of tomatoes and the only red leaves are on my burning bush. I'm okay with it though!

  3. Oh- that picture of Evan peeking over dad's shoulder is so sweet!

    Enjoy your fall. We don't get color in the trees, but we get the most beautiful golden wildflowers. Love it.

  4. Its a gorgeous autumn here too. Don't worry - winter leaves time for soup and knitting and cozy stories by the fire. It will be spring again soon, and by then you will be ready for crawling babies, running boys and all that outside stuff :)

  5. I feel the same way about fall. I love it, it's my favourite season, but despite the gorgeous rich warm sunlight, despite the colours, the harvest, the food, the seeds, the waterbirds gathering on the river, the fresh, crisp morning air... Despite all those wonderful things, there's a wistfulness to it. I wish fall could last a solid three or four months, instead of being squooshed into a measly few weeks between the sticky humidity of summer and the loooooong months of winter!

    Oh, well. As you say, your only sensible option is to savour it while you can! And so I do. :)