Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Jonah is obsessed with 100. He recently figured out how to count that high (and beyond!) and he does it daily, at least. I gave him a chart that has the numbers (in a 10x10 grid) from 1 to 100 and he played with it about half the day today.

While doing the dishes, I overheard this little exchange:

Jonah: "Daddy, when I get to be 100, you guys will have to give me 100 cupcakes!"

Daddy, laughing: "Jonah, if you live to be 100, we'll be long gone by then. And you'll be a grown man."

Jonah, stunned: "I'll be grown up?"


  1. Or maybe he'll be like Methuselah or something. I bet Methuselah didn't reach adulthood until 200! Ha!

  2. I'm laughing . . . oh, I'm laughing! This is precious! : D