Friday, October 8, 2010

Magic, etc.

Three months. Evan turned three months old yesterday.

We're now into that golden age of baby hood. The part where he gets happier, less fussy and focused on all his intense needs. He suddenly learns that there's a whole world out there to explore and learn about and boy, is it fun! Life isn't so scary, it's great! We have a good routine to our day, and there's lots to do.

This time is fantastic, since the fun is not yet coupled with daily efforts to take over the world. That comes later.

Of course, along with that comes teething, which we already seem to be embarking upon. Not so much fun, but everyone has to do it.

As I type this, he is lying across my lap, sucking his thumb. He learned how to get that appendage to his mouth whenever he wants it, so that's that. No binky for him, it's thumbs all the way. Everyone has dire predictions for me on this count (you can't take it away! they tell me), but such is life. On the plus side, thumb-sucking makes bed-times a cinch. When I know he's tired, I lay him down in his bed. He gives a half-hearted fuss, finds his thumb and goes to sleep. Just like that.

[ETA: I sucked on two fingers until I was like 8, and well, I turned out okay, right? Right? I mean, I'm sure my 7 year old spitty hand was gross, but my teeth are fine and I did grow out of it.]

I think I have finally adjusted as well. Like I said, routine makes a world of difference. I am an awful lot busier than I was when Jonah was this age, and I feel like I'll never catch up, but I suppose I should get used to that.

One thing I may never adjust to-- shopping with kids. Yikes, that sucks. One kid is not so bad (though I have to say that Jonah has been getting more obnoxious about it ever since he stopped riding in the cart). I'm guessing that the difficulty increases exponentially with the number of children. Thankfully, I don't do it often-- I pretty much hook up the wagon and trot on into town once a month to requisition supplies. A few days ago, I was in Meijer, both boys in tow. I don't get to shop there often but I like it so much better than Wally World, so I wanted to make the best of it. The plan was that Evan would stay asleep in his carseat, but he didn't, of course. Halfway through my list, I was ready to pull out all my hair (er, what's left of it, anyway. The only -ONLY- thing I miss about pregnancy is the hair). I really need some new socks and underwear, but how in hurk am I supposed to focus long enough to choose the proper leg cut, height, size and -egads!- color when Evan needs the cart to keep moving and Jonah needs his shoe tied and mommommomwhenarewegoingtobedone?

Oh dear. And now I've ruined a perfectly nice post by talking about underwear.

Anyway, yes, Jonah can help me shop --he loves to help find things on my list and pull things off the shelf for me-- but sometimes I just need to think thankyouverymuch.

While in the toy aisle, attempting to find the perfect, but budget-friendly, birthday gift for a friend, Evan started to scream. When I picked him up only to discover that he was a mess from a leaking diaper, I grabbed an acceptable toy, abandoned the rest of my list and headed for the nearest checkout lane (through which Evan continued to scream).

No, I didn't get any socks and underwear.

As I was saying... this time is golden. As long as we stay home.


  1. I love reading your blog! LOL It's my entertainment when I get the chance. :)
    Oh, and Megan still sucks her thumb, but she's beginning to grow out of it. Leah, on the other hand, prefers her pointer finger. And, oh yes, don't you just love the easy bedtimes?!

  2. Ok, I've been through this six times, but have yet to run into the pregnancy and hair correlation. What's that about?

  3. no grandma's close by? you certainly have kept your dry humor which i really happen to like. baby looks so yummy need some baby toes pics.

  4. Martin- You mean you don't loose most of your hair three months after you have a baby? Oh, wait...

    Pregnancy hair really is fabulous. Three-to-four-month-later hair? Not so much.

  5. I miss my hair...I don't look good in a hat either!..
    I felt like I was reading my own thoughts! HA! I know your pain about shopping. Can't do it anymore, love it, but not with kids!
    Wish Olivia would suck on something to pacify..
    sigh....I can still see you with your fingers in your mouth like it was yesterday. You turned out fine!

  6. Well... your grill isn't perfect.... there is a bit of a gap....( I can get away with saying this because I'm a brother and not within an arms throw of a heavy object)

  7. But there are other gaps in other relatives that didn't suck their fingers until they were, like, ten.

    I remember that I left the kids at home and did all my grocery shopping at 8:00pm with Daddy babysitting. My only quiet time out of the house alone. I didn't love it but it was better then taking the babies along.

  8. Neal-- your "grill" has it's own issues, you know...

    And I was NOT ten when I quit the finger-sucking. I know I quit well before Alyssa was born.