Monday, October 20, 2008

How's That?

I've been doing some preschool with Jonah. He really loves it, though I admit to being a little bored with it. I can't vary the routine at all because then he has a fit thinking that we missed something. It's just his age-- everything must be predictable.

Also, he's in a controlling stage, so he wants to dictate anything and everything in our lives. Not that he gets to. Lets just say there's a lot of fit-throwing around here these days.

So this morning he said, "For school today, I want to do 'Buh- Wabbit.'" (for the record, we're on the letter 'G', going in order, and he doesn't get to pick.)

"Rabbit doesn't start with a 'buh'. It starts with 'rrrruh'. It's 'ruh-rrrrabbit.'"

"Yeah, rrrrrr-wabbit!"

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