Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loss and Missed Oportunities

We got home today, after being Gone All Day, and pulled into a driveway that looks like this:

But it didn't look like that when we left.

They've been ditching our road, so I knew they'd get to us sooner or later, but when I saw that they were DONE when we gone home today, I thought, "Dang! We missed it!" I mean, hello? I have a 3 1/2 year old obsessed with heavy equipment and we were NOT HOME the whole time they were right outside our door. Dang.

That brushy pile you see in the photo above is all that's left of a lovely ash tree that had the unfortunate misluck of being too close to the road. Very sad. I don't seem to be able to find a picture of it to show you all, but believe me that it was very lovely.

I am slightly relieved, however, because I kinda knew that one would meet it's end, but I was very afraid that this one would, too:

We have these beautiful maples in our yard, that one being the most shapely. It seems to have suffered only the loss of a few branches, which is sad enough.

And my poor ash tree has only it's feet left in the ground:

And the tree itself is going on to it's afterlife as firewood.

Oh, but look what we have gained!

Dirt! A whole mountain of it! I may not see my son again for several years.

Maybe that will make up for his missing out on the road construction/tree destruction.

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