Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Fuel for my Search for the Perfect Bread

I'm very exited. I just got this book from the library (click on the picture to check it out on With my local library, I can now go online and find any book in libraries throughout the state, order it, and my library (in a small town 5 miles away) will notify me when it arrives.

It's near heaven for a broke book-lover such as I am!

I've been on a search to make delicious, traditional, natural-yeasted (sourdough) bread. Unfortunately, I don't have a brick oven to bake it, as in this wonderful book that Mom got for me, even though I've tried to convince Nathan to build me one... At this point, I guess I'd be glad just to have a kitchen, never mind a brick oven. Some day...

Anyway, I did make great strides in my sourdough abilities this past week (after puzzling over it for months, and feeding many sour bricks to my poor husband and son) and I hoping this book will take me a little farther.

Here's hook from the preface:
"There is a form of writing called object poetry. The idea, when writing object poetry, is to describe something not with similes and metaphors, but in very concrete terms. Like peeling layers of an onion (a simile that, ironically, could not meet the criteria), the more deeply you explore the actuality of an abject the more it seems to transcend itself and become universal, archetypal, and ideal. This book was written to capture that spirit. Rather than try to build metaphorical bridges between the real and ideal, ... I have focused on the actuality of bread. I want this book to be an object poem that takes you deeper in the subject as it broadens your experience."*
Mmmm... that's what I've been looking for.

More to come as I get further into this book.

*Peter Reinhard, preface to Crust and Crumb

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