Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hello sweet chocolate.

I changed my mind about the chocolate pie. I had a nasty headache and didn't feel like listening to the whine of the mixer in my hand for 20 minutes. So I made this wonderful bittersweet chocolate mousse. It was so fast and easy! And mostly raw, too, as the egg yolks really don't get cooked and I used my fresh Guernsey cream from my neighbors. (When I went to get milk the other day, they had it sitting in big buckets and the cream was rising up. She used a big measuring cup and gave me the top of the milk, so one of the gallons was half cream! Oh heaven!)

It's delicious. I know because, as you can see, I had already started licking the spatula when I decided to take a picture. We will eat it with more whipped cream later (probably while watching the latest episode of Lost. How romantic. Aren't we terribly shallow?)

For some reason (headache-induced trippiness?) while I was making this stuff I was thinking about the ads I've seen for those Yoplait Whips. It's Yoplait's standard yogurt to which the have to add a ton of sugar and probably high fructose corn syrup because they've removed most of the good stuff, the fat. Except now they're charging more for it because they've added air.

Happy Valentine's Day! Make sure to spend it with chocolate!

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  1. Oh my freakin gosh. I WANT ONE!!!!!! Bah! I don't have any chocolate for valentines day!! *sob*