Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Ramble

It was a drizzly, but gorgeous spring day today.  So we went for a walk and we didn't mind the drizzle.

I actually remembered my camera, but my photo skills are so poor (rushed, scatterbrained, and generally dim) that I can hardly do the lovely spring scenes justice.

It's just so fun to wander around in the fields and woods with the kids and their Daddy leading the way.

Theoretically, we were looking for mushrooms.  We keep hearing about people finding morels, but I think they're making it up. 

"Mushrooms of unusual size?  I don't believe they exist."

Alright, I know they exist because I've eaten them.  But we never find them.  Never. 

I told Nathan that it's all because he went so far as to stick a bag in his back pocket to carry these alleged mushrooms, so of course we didn't see any.  If we had come unprepared, we would have found piles of them and had a serious dilemma about how to get them home.

But even without finding mushrooms, the walk was fun and refreshing.  Andrew hung out on my back in the Ergobaby carrier.  He wanted to see, though, so he kept wiggling and leaning to the side so he could try to see around my shoulder.

I always think the May-apple looks so beautiful in early spring when it's the most lush thing growing compared to everything else.  It has a sort of tropical look with it's big, umbrella leaves.

A walk in the woods was just what we all needed today.

I'd say we tired those kids out but good.

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  1. bad year for morels here.... I've never found one either... it's like the hardest mushroom to locate... because usually you're looking for leaves that are raising up a little... yes they hide under the leaves. My little kids are too young for me to take with my mother in law to where they're supposed to be, so I just stick to the chantrelles in the fall