Saturday, April 7, 2012

Evan's First Egg Dipping

For so many years, it's been just me and Jonah dying Easter eggs.

This time around, we had help.

Just look had his amazed little face.  A white egg goes in.... and a pretty egg comes out!  He was thriiiiiiiiilled.  He exclaimed in excited toddler syllables the entire time.

And I... have no words to describe these blessings.

May your Easter celebration be blessed with the joyous knowledge of the new life and endless blessings we have through Christ's death and resurrection.  Happy Easter!  He is risen!


  1. He is risen, indeed!

    Kiss Evan for me!

  2. He is risen indeed! You are very bleesed with such a beautiful family.

  3. This is SOOOOOOO sweet! These moments are precious.