Thursday, April 5, 2012


We are having a gorgeous spring and the "spring work", as the Amish call it, is already going full tilt.

I'm pretty sure I go all day and hardly sit down.  Outside work (the fun part) plus inside work, school time, toddler-chasing, baby care, etc., etc., etc.

Blog posts have taken a place on my to-do list, rather than the witty, sparkly, spontaneous works of art (ha) that they rightfully should be.  I write posts in my head all day, then sit down, upload some pictures and.... can't think of a thing.  "Soooo... blahblahblah, newsy, newsy, same ol', the usual, backtoit, bye!"


So, news! Andrew learned to sit!

I love this!  I am not one of those sentimental "oh, don't grow up, baby" kind of mommies.  I cheer 'em on!  Yay for Andrew! He's so much happier when he can sit on the floor and play with his brothers!

And in the realm of "spring work" Nathan and his boys are building a chicken coop.  We've been needing this for years, but couldn't decide where it would go.  We only have a scant acre of space here, and we have to be very efficient (did I mention that we planted a bunch of dwarf fruit trees?  Yay for efficiency!).  I finally agreed that the coop could go by the garden on the condition that it be cute. Not only must it not be an eyesore, but it must be cute.  So we're blending his practicality and my aesthetics, using materials that Nathan has on hand, and we  have a pretty good plan.

Jonah is the general go-fer, helper and question-asker while Evan is job foreman, inspector, supervisor, and Daddy's right-hand-man.

More on that forthcoming as the project progresses...


  1. That is not the same baby that was just here. He looks more and more like his Freet cousins every day!

    Yay for spring projects!

  2. totally described my world in those first few paragraphs too! And Andrew! Ahhh Andrew! So cute!