Monday, April 9, 2012

Life in My Frugal Universe

I used to have a hole in my bathroom.

Okay, I've had lots of holes in my bathroom, and probably still have some, in fact.  (And there is talk of new holes, very big ones, to come this summer and I shudder and weep at the thought.)  But there was a particular hole I'm thinking of, in the wall above the sink, off-center, with wires sticking out for a vanity light fixture.  We don't buy light fixtures around here --egads! the frivolity!-- (The pretty one in the kitchen is a very fortunate trash-pick.  The ugly one came with the house.) so we've left it a hole for many years.

I've kept my eye out for something suitable for that hole, but never found the right thing.  I knew it needed to be long so that it could be centered over the sink even though the hold was off to the side.  It also needed to meet my color and style specifications.  It's been bothering me, for sure, but there are many other things ahead of Something For The Ugly Hole.

Nathan did some handy-man work for someone and they gave him... a light fixture!

It left some things to be desired.   Like, um, several parts.  I said, "Oh well, at least it was free."  and Nathan said, "No.  No, it wasn't."  You know how the country doctor gets paid in chickens?  (Chickens would be fine.  I like chickens.)  Well, this country handy-man sometimes gets (partially) paid in... materials.

But, never fear!  If I ever need something, Nathan is sure to come to my rescue!  He certainly has just the thing! It's In The Barn. (I'm not making this up.  It's truly amazing.)  The Things In The Barn include pretty glass shades that match the little bathroom ceiling lights that my Mom got for us and the rings to hold them onto the fixture. 

And of course, I'm sure to have an appropriate can of spray paint around here somewhere... such as this lovely hammered bronze.  (Yes.  Spray paint is awesome.)

Et voila!  A lovely new-to-us light fixture to cover up the Ugly Old Hole.

My husband is awesome.

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  1. Wow! I love when stuff like that comes together! It looks great!