Wednesday, March 30, 2011

These Days...

I don't think I really have anything profound to share today, or maybe not anything to say at all, other than to share a few cute photos.
My energy has been, um, limited lately (and now you know why!), thus the sparseness of my blog posts.  (But you will notice that I finally updated my masthead for spring!  No more snowflakes!)

I have a list about three miles long of things I would like to get done.  I really should start a baby book for Evan, since I'll be extra behind when the newest little person arrives. (I did actually buy supplies!  And got a good deal on a nice scrapbook album, too!)  I have curtains to be made, trim to be painted (it's bugging me!), spring cleaning to tackle, and I want to paint this big front door that is a wretched shade of green.  And it won't be long until we're outside all the time and I won't want to be doing projects in the house.

At least, I hope it won't be long.  It's almost April, and still too cold to do much out there.  There's no end in sight as far as the forecast goes, either.  I'm so ready for some sun and warmth.

I'll just have to live with the dirt-eating.

So if I'm too tired to sew, paint, clean and paint, I'm certainly too tired to cook, clean, and of all things, do laundry.

Good thing I have helpers.


Actually, Jonah is turning into a fantastic helper.  It still takes a lot of creative motivation on my part, but he's extremely capable.  For some reason, I tend to forget that I can ask him to do certain things.  I'll be going along, completely overwhelmed by my to-do list for the day that only includes basic necessities, and then suddenly remember that I have this capable helper.  "Hmmm... what can I give Jonah from my list?" And as long as I present it right, and I'm working alongside him, he can really help me a lot.

Evan, well, he "helps" by emptying laundry baskets and the dishwasher (onto the floor) and hanging onto my pants as I move around.  He's also turning into a first-rate vacuum cleaner!  Who needs to take a broom to that kitchen floor?  Not me!

Sigh.  It's a good thing that babies usually survive their first year one way or another.

(Oh, stop-- don't look so horrified!  I'm being facetious.  Mostly.)

Right now, I wish I didn't have to make food.  I told Nathan (and am now shamelessly reporting it here!) that I wish I were at Mom's house (or could go whenever I wanted to) because there's always good stuff to eat there and I usually don't have to make it.  (Sorry, Mom.  It's... true.)

And believe me, right now I pretty much have to eat nonstop.  At least, it seems that way.  Pregnancy and nursing (of a baby who's not eating very much solid food, yet) at the same time requires a hurkin' lot of calories and nutrition on my part.  Yikes.  I actually love to eat and I love good food, but this is a bit much, especially when I have to think of things to make.  I just don't even know what to cook!  Can't think of anything, and don't feel like spending time in the kitchen.  It's so much easier to cook when there's stuff in the garden, and it's gonna be a while till then...

But I must be doing okay, 'cause this kid doesn't look like he's wasting away, does he?

And everyone usually has clean clothes to wear, even if they have to dig them out of a laundry basket.  And we do lots of snuggling and reading on the couch.  And no one's perished of dust-inhalation.  And there's usually something to eat, even if it's just cheese and yogurt and apples.  So... we'll make it.


  1. That baby boy is getting FAT!

    So make the good, easy stuff that you love to eat. Creme brulee, rice pudding, etc. to have around. For a minute anyway.

  2. Holy cow! I turn away for one minute and you go out and get yourself pregnant!?!?

    ; )

    I am very excited for you! This is G R E A T news!

  3. He is getting so big! I'm with your mom. Make and stock those nice fattening dishes ahead of time. When else could you afford to eat like that?

  4. Mom's right and she's also tough ( good mom quality)! I'd be on the next plane. I am a sucker for my daughter when she wants me. I only had one spoiled kid what can I say?
    If I wasn't such a worthless mess I'd brave the cold to help you out. You ought to come and see me and enjoy some sun. You don't have to go all the way to South America. I don't really recommend MS but Alabama is nice and they have BEACHES. Maybe you guys could take a little trip and go visit someone who cooks?
    I bet your Amish friends and neighbors would drop things off if they only knew. Sometimes we suffer because we are too *proud* to ask. (says in quiet sweetest voice) Whoops no strike out key in comments.
    I have the same issue. It makes people feel so good to give and help another neighbor. Share your needs and even some wants. Bet you make some friends.:)
    Evan looks great, if the kid is eating dirt how is he doing with food? the good news is with the high calorie needs you can eat like a pig!!! SNORT!