Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome

The good new is that February is over.

The bad news is that it's March.

Winter is not my thing.  People have been known to try to talk me out of this by pointing me toward reading, sweaters, tea, beautiful snow, blahblahblah.  I say I don't need 5 months of butt-freezing winter to enjoy those things.  Two months would be more than enough.

So it's always about this time that I'm ready to pack up and head for Hawaii at a moment's notice.  Can you believe that my husband tells me "no"???  How dare he?  Who does he think he is, anyway?

He is sweet to put up with my incessant crabbiness, though.

So I turn my mind toward cooking.  Make food.  Eat.  Isn't that what we do to feel better about life, the universe and everything?

Jonah and I went out to the barn and rooted through the chest freezer.  I don't actually do that often because a) it's all the way out in the barn and b) it's a chest freezer and trying to find anything in there make me wantee screamee.  In my mind, this freezer is full of nothing but ground venison and frozen corn.  I actually found some treasures, like pork loin and venison roast and duck bones for stock and frozen peaches from three years ago.

So tonight we're having pizza.


But tomorrow, after I pick up some veggies at the farm store, we'll have pork stir-fry with peanut sauce!  And another night we'll have spice-crusted roast and roasted root veggies.  Perhaps tonight I'll toss a peach cobbler in the oven, my servings of which I will douse in cream.  Hey, speaking of cream, Nathan just got some eggs from the Amish, so I need to make creme brulee.  Oh, and there's a pot of garbanzos going on the stove for hummus.  And I think we're almost out of bread.

Also, a friend hooked me up with the most amazing tea I've ever had in my life.  Like this and this and this.  Wow.  Amazing.  My tea addiction just went up to a whole new level.

Okay, now for The Even More Awesome.

I'm finally reaping the rewards of living through Camp Mommy Sleep Hazing.  At just about 8  months old, Evan is finally in a good sleep routine.  Now that I think of it, I maybe shouldn't tell you about it, because I will then be a sitting duck for an epic smack-down.

But I guess I'll take the chance.  Three things have helped:  white noise, bed separation, and (another!) neck adjustment.  His neck seems to be key, and I think (hope! pray!) that it has held for good this time.  Of course, every time he bonks his head, which is several times per day, I'm sure it's going to go out again, but I'm really praying that won't be the case.  Since these things, we've had some excellent nights, some okay nights, and a couple not-so-good nights which were made more tolerable by being in separate rooms.

So now, no protest when it's time to lay down, two good and predictable naps each day, bedtime at a Very Reasonable Hour, and only 1-3 wakings per night, with an average of 2.

So.  Sleep and food.  The only other thing most basic to life (besides love, which we gots, too)  is Sunshine On My Skin, and it is March, so I just can't have everything.


  1. Yahoo! Way to go Evan!

    Seriously- when are you guys moving to Texas? We're in the mid-70's here.
    Just don't ask me in August how I feel about living in Texas.

  2. March cold brings April showers which in turn brings May Flowers?

  3. I feel your pain!!!! Truly!

    Let's go spring!

  4. I agree. In March, this whole 'winter' thing begins to wear very, very thin.

    Oh, why be coy? I'm ready to be done with it mid-January. Six to eight weeks of it would suffice, thanks so much. Instead, we have another month to go. Sigh... March is hard.

  5. Oh I so agree...funny, I tell my hubby all the time I'm moving to "Hawaii"...I hate the winter, and Im down south!!!;~) It's looking good now...come on SPRING BABY! LOL