Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snapshot: Sunday Fun with Daddy

Jonah has been begging Daddy to help him polish his shoes.  That's right, my friends-- this is what we do for fun.

The did have fun, though.

"Spit, Jonah, spit!"

 Later, we took a walk, which was probably more fun that polishing shoes.  We put Evan in the backpack and Daddy led us on a good long tromp through the fields and woods.

Evan had a nice fresh-air nap...

...which he finished in the house.

He's had a stuffy nose lately and has had trouble sleeping lying down.  Now we know what to do about that...


  1. So cute.

    Jonah will remember the shoe polishing. I remember my dad polishing his shoes (he was probably Nathan's age too) before church and before a date out with mom. So old school!

  2. Ah, the spit shine.

    We used to put our babies in the car seat beside the bed when they were stuffy. They would be able to breathe and we'd be able to sleep!

  3. don't you just love little boys that want to be just like daddy? That's my new favorite thing. Watching my boy love who his daddy is.

  4. Spit shined shoes!!! Whoot hoot! A boy could really enjoy that, especially with Dad. i cannot believe how cold it is where you are. I keep wondering why you still have snowflakes on your blog background. Looking at the baby answers that! Poor little guy, it doesn't take much to stuff up little noses. Vaporizer? I just read that putting a Vicks vapo rub or natural stuff on the FEET with socks helps.
    Jonah looks so grown up!!!!