Sunday, March 13, 2011

Schooling vs. Education

This video is fantastic.  I've been learning about education lately, and this just nailed it for me.  Please, please, just watch it.  All 7 parts are about an hour long and it's just so great.  It's not so much about a method of education, but rather about the way people learn and our perception of education versus its reality.

Here's a link:

Here's the video:


  1. Fine. I'll watch it.

    ; )

    (I'm a sucker for all things educational.)

  2. Your on the right track. Being intelligent and educated comes from real life learning and reading. READING books of truth, the Bible, and classics. Finding YOUR own personal style of educating your boys, and their way of learning. Each child is unique. Each child learns in their own way.
    My mother had taught me to read before kindergarten. I had memorized whole stories word for word and could recite them. When I was handed my "reader" in school I took it home and read it. I wasn't impressed. I handed it back to my teacher the next day, and asked her for a better book. She explained it was a "READER" and that we would read it in class. Laboriously and tediously use that "Dick and Jane," for a LONG time.
    So began my trials of school. Is it any wonder that on the BEHAVIOR side of my report card I had "N,s" for Needs Improvement. I could not sit still and be quiet through that torture. I'd blurt the words out to kids who couldn't read. By junior high I was reading at a college level. I was in trouble all through school, mostly for talking in class.

    I noticed that my granddaughter Lindsey a straight A student was chosen for the national testing. She said the tests were really easy.
    if they chose their best students for the testing that obviously skews the results.