Monday, September 20, 2010

Things That Makes Me A Little Nuts

~Evan has no "table manners" whatsoever. Does he smile sweetly and say, "Oh, thanks so much for the delicious milk, Mother dear"? Oh, no. He wiggles and squirms and kicks and claws and grunts and then complains if the milk is not coming out fast enough for his liking. It's a good thing the little ingrate is so cute...

~He also feels the need to stop nursing repeatedly so he can look around, preventing me from doing anything else while he nurses but latch him back on every 45 seconds.

~How does one small family generate so much laundry?

~Jonah wants to watch a movie. Jonah wants to play a computer game. Jonah wants Mommy to read to him. Jonah wants to watch a movie. Jonah wants...

~The houseflies.

~My to-do list is just endless, and my productivity does not seem equal to it. Also, the things I need to do don't seem to coincide with the things I want to do.

~It must be fall because the big, ugly, hairy, leggy, fast, yucky spiders are coming into my house in herds.

~Yes, that's right, actual herds of spiders.

~Evan woke up to nurse around 4:15 this morning. While he was nursing, he filled his diaper. He doesn't usually do that at night anymore, but once in a while, it happens. So I picked him up to go change him and I realized that he was a little... moist. So was I. And my bed. We were covered in poop. At 4:30 in the morning.

~Jonah wants to watch a movie. Jonah wants to play cards. Jonah wants to listen to a tape. But mostly, Jonah wants to watch a movie. Also, a glass of milk.

~I regularly dose my goats with supplemental copper. Opal takes it just fine, but Strawberry is wise to this, and even if I hide the her dose behind my back, she sees me coming and she takes off. When I finally catch her, she stiffens her neck and clamps her jaw shut and when I force it in her mouth anyway, she literally falls over on the ground and moans. It's not really that bad, but you'd think it were torture.

~Sometimes I put Evan in a baby swing that I was given. It usually keeps him entertained for approximately 6 minutes at a time. This swing has a feature where it can play little tunes (overandoverandoverandover). I usually leave that off, but of course, Jonah turns it on. It sorta makes me wanna puncture my own ear drums.

~Now the houseflies are crawling around on the rim of my water glass. Ew.

~I spend a good portion of my day trying to explain to Jonah how much time until whatever it is that he's waiting for. "How long until Evan's done nursing?" "How long until supper?" "How long until we go to the library?" "When are we going to go for a walk?" "How long until my birthday?" Etc. ad nauseum. Whatever my answer --"Pretty soon" "In an hour" " A couple days" "A few minutes" "Next year"-- he immediately says, "In a few minutes?"

~Obviously, I'm a little short on patience today. I hate days like this.

I should really go take out my bad-mommy-day on some houseflies.


  1. Regarding the first two....I thought all the babies did this. At least that's how I remember it. It gets worse when they cut teeth and hang on while they turn their head to look around.

    Regarding the poop at 4:30am. I thought all the babies did this. At least that's how I remember it.

    Send Jonah over to Grandma's to play. In our dreams.

  2. I'm sure all babies do that. I'm just irritable today...

    Would love to send Jonah to Grandma's...