Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I think this happens to me every year.

A miserable summer cold, right during the last glorious days of summer.

I do despise summer colds. In winter, it's just par for the course, but in summer, it's just plain unfair.

Especially when there's so much to do AND my two little people are miserable with colds as well.


This morning, I watched Jonah and Evan play together. Really! It was adorable. Evan sat in his bouncy chair while Jonah piled pillows and blankets all around and on him, making a "rocket ship". Evan just watched Jonah intently and didn't seem to mind too much if his face was covered momentarily. He was just happy to get to play with his brother.

(And then after Evan went down for a nap this morning, I spent a good hour and a half soaking in my tub. I even used the jets. It felt reeeally good. Then I puttered for a while, and now I'm back to the couch with tea. Lots of tea.)

Last night, my feverish and mostly sleepless brain was filled with dark and distressing thoughts. War and suffering-- I kid you not. I even had a blog post all composed about it; you can be glad I didn't actually write it.

It would have been weird.

And really, I'm weird enough as it is.

But I was thinking of how sweet my life is right now, how much I'm blessed with, and how tenuous it really is. How easy it is when things are good to forget where our blessings come from and how undeserving we all are.

I tend to complain waaay too much. I really need to just soak up these lovely, peaceful days and enjoy every minute. There's no saying it will last.

I guess what got me thinking about this is a radio interview I heard recently (and my mind wouldn't let go of it last night, I guess). This guy was making the case that as a nation at war, most of us really aren't sacrificing anything for it. Yes, men are dying, but how does that hurt me? It doesn't really. In the past, it's always been the norm for the whole country to have to give up something --in the form of extra taxes or supply rationing-- to support the war. While having to do that would certainly make me pretty mad, I have to say he's right. But we're all so used to having everything we want that we wouldn't stand for it (but then, perhaps we'd all think twice about war!). Instead, we continue with our normal lives, and our country barrels along, racking up unfathomable debt. What happens when those debts are called in? It may very well happen, you know.

Well. That was a depressing tangent (and on a topic I usually avoid on this blog). I blame it on my snot-filled head.

Anyway. My point is that I'm thankful. Just thankful.

And now I will put you out of the misery of this rambling post by ending it. Perhaps I'll post a cute photo later.

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