Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monkey Wrestling

In lieu of something more creative to post (sing it with me: sommmmmedaaaaaay my braaaaain will come... Hm. That sounded vaguely zombie-esque. Wait, I kinda feel like a zombie sometimes...), I will continue in my usual vein of posting kid pictures (and try to avoid the bizarro introspection like my last post... yikes).

(Also-- having white balance issues again. Makes me cringe, actually. Maybe someday I'll learn. Too lazy busy to try to correct them today. I really should have higher standards for this blog, though... Sorry if that's an insult to my readership. I don't mean it! Really!)

Hey guys, smile!

Evaaaan! Don't fuss! Look at Mommy!



Hey! Happyhappyjoyjoyhappyjoy! Lalalaa! Look at me! Smile! Okay, don't smile, but quit wiggling!

Laugh, or I'll bite your butt.


1 comment:

  1. Cutie cheese pies!

    Another one for the Evan And Jonah picture file!