Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Irritations

I am dragging some serious derriere today. I just can't get motivated to work on my to-do list. Do I really have to do stuff? I think I'm just in need of some hardcore ceiling-fan time.

Also, my house is a m e s s and I seem to have forgotten how to clean.

Selective Amnesia.

Oh, and the fruit flies are going to carry me away. If you don't hear from me for a while it's either because I'm off in some land of wherever-the-dang-fruitflies-materialze (seriously! Where do the come from? They're everywhere!) or I went on a rampage and bashed the compose bucket to bits and one little piece of ice-cream-bucket plastic lodged directly in my right extensor digitorum rendering me tragically unable to type.

Oh, I guess that was three things. Whatever. Guess I forgot how to count, too.


  1. Oh Katie, everybody needs a day off. You have been working very hard. Fruit flies come from the pit of hell and reproduce as bad as fleas. Can you hang some fly paper? They are horrible, right up there with cockroaches.
    Take a day off, the work will keep. Can you take Jonah fishing?

  2. WOW! Found you on Karen Deborah's blog. I like what you have to say and what you do. Have not eaten kohlrabe in years and would love to try your pickled style! Susan

  3. Karen-- if I go fishing do I get to bring a book? :-P

    Susan-- The pickled kohlrabi is so easy- I hope you try it! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Gorgeous header! Where do you find that stuff?!

  5. I found the photo on a stock photo site, actually! I cropped, desaturated, added some noise, and of course the title. I like that one, too. Sometimes I can come up with good ideas, sometimes not so much...