Friday, September 4, 2009


Remember this story about my little muscovy duck who wanted to be a Mommy?

Well, she tried again and I'm happy to report that her diligence and patience has paid off:

She hatched seven adorable ducklings this week!

They've come out for the first time today, so I had to take some pictures. The momma actually would have brought them out earlier, except I kept them blocked into the nesting area for fear of the cats. That momma duck was ready to get outta there after sitting for six weeks! In fact, after those first seven hatched, she didn't keep the last 6 eggs warm enough because she had to get up and take off for periods of time. Two eggs started to hatch and didn't make it, and the other four didn't start, but the did have babies in them. I was sad about that, but such is life.

But I'm so glad that we got these seven!

That little guy is the only one who is gray like his momma. Two others have black on them, and the other four are speckley.

The waddle along after the other ducks on their little strolls through the grass.

I did not let them out on purpose today, but near as I can tell, a goat busted up their nesting area in search of goat food to nibble. The decision was made for me. So far, it's worked out okay. The cats have not paid any attention to them and the mother is very protective.

They're just so much fun to watch!

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