Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Down the Street

Nathan and I were winding down, talking about plans for tomorrow.

Me, thinking out loud: "Well, I have that appointment with the surgeon, and if I go to the rummage sale at the college first... hm... what time to should I get there? If I get to the doctor's office a few minutes before 11:00, and I'm not even sure where the office is... I guess I should figure that out..."

Nathan: "That would be a good idea."

M: "Yeah."

N: "I think it's on the corner of Bankrupcy and Deep In Debt."

M: "There's a corner there? I thought it was a dead-end?"

N: "The parking is around the corner. It's a cul-de-sac. With no turn-around."


  1. ugh I hope you aren't implying that you have no insurance. If that is the case and you call the different billing parties they will write off significant portions of your bills. Don't just pay. Glad you feel better!

  2. Oh, of course we have no insurance... But Nathan is working on making the phone calls and getting the bill whittled down to a more manageable amount. In any event, we're just gonna pay for a long time...

  3. Negotiating with parties, fearing bankruptcy, paying down medical bills for years... You know, I hear about this happening, but it just seems so surreal. Worse than surreal: immoral.