Sunday, August 31, 2008

Master of DIY

This is the drip irrigation system that Nathan engineered for my garden.

We used it last night and it worked great! He mostly used pipes and old hoses that he's had lying around. He had to buy the little connectors and some pipe fittings and narrow line to run to each plant. He really didn't spend much on it.

The system is gravity-fed from this tank:

We fill it with the hose (or ideally rainwater from the roof) and then it just drips to the plants. It's more efficient than trying to run sprinklers from our wimpy well. We're not watering the whole garden with this right now, just the things that I really need not to die, like tomatoes and peppers and sweet potatoes.

Coincidentally, our well pump chose the time exactly after filling the tank to give up the ghost. We are currently without water. Why does this sort of thing always happen when I haven't had a shower in several days (went to church bohemian-style with a bandanna on my head today) and have a mountain of dirty dishes that need washing (from canning and freezing peaches all day)? Seriously... why? It makes me rend my clothes and weep. I'm going to have to take a bucket-bath tonight cuz I'm gettin' sick of the pit-funk and greasy hair. I heated water for my mountain of dishes today and we're eating off paper plates now (gasp!). Sigh.


Jonah was pretending to help with the irrigation, but mainly he was snacking on beans and cherry tomatoes. Can't complain about that.

(Can you tell he's learning to dress himself?)


  1. Rad! Nice work on the backwards inside out Jonah.

    And I can smell your stink from here. Take a shower already

  2. And you guys are missionaries where? Ecuador? Mexico?

  3. And the irrigation looks awesome. Nathan? You need to come back and set some up here for me. Please?