Monday, August 25, 2008


One of the nice things about digital photography is how easy it is to share pictures. I hijacked my brother's and Mom's cameras and downloaded whatever pictures I wanted to Nathan's laptop. Granted, this took a long time since, as we discovered, that old dino doesn't have a USB 2.0. Whatever. Anyway, I now posses pictures which prove that I was actually on this trip. Do you believe me now?

I have so few pictures of Nathan and me together. I'm always the loose nut behind the lens, so if you look through my photo albums, you might doubt that we even know each other.

But here is the proof. Not only do we know each other, but we eat together!

We even took a vacation together! Good thing we're married. At least we're honest that way.


  1. Ummmm Nathan looks kinda funky in that last picca. Looks like you ran his face in the dryer under "tumble dry" Oops.

  2. Nice post. Good times they were.