Saturday, July 19, 2008

Outer Space

Nathan and I have been watching Firefly every night after Jonah is in bed. SciFi is an illness.

Anyway, we just watched the last episode. I now have nothing to look forward to each evening as I wash dishes. They canceled that show after one season, and it really is a shame. It's a very clever and well-written show. There is a movie called Serenity that was made as an ending to the show, which I saw when Nathan rented it a couple months ago (before I started watching the show). So at least there is that for closure...

I feel like I've spent our whole marriage (5 long years next Saturday!) fighting the SciFi addiction he brought into it and keeps infecting me with. Stargate, Dune... now Firefly. And he's been trying to talk me into Battlestar Galactica for a long time.

Trying. to. resist. the force. Luke.

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