Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We finally got our Christmas tree put up, only a couple days after the project was cut short (hahaha!  I'm so punny!) when I tried to add some of myself to the artichoke dip.

Jonah was very excited to show Andrew his new ball ornament from Bronner's (traditional baby gift from my parents) with his name on it.  I reflected that last Christmas I reveled in adding Evan's ball to our tree, but never would have thought that we'd be adding another one this year!

By the way, do you know the secret to keeping a toddler from pulling down a Christmas tree?

Blue Spruce!!!  Yes, indeed.  Messing with this tree hurts.  Jonah wore gloves to decorate it.

Okay, so typing without my left middle finger is a bit frustrating, so I think I'll just do more pictures than words for now, mmkay?

My little Rooroo is not looking much like a newborn anymore.  At 8 weeks old today, he's chunking up, smiling lots, and starting to outgrow his 0-3 month clothes. 

See how much his brothers love him?

One steals his binky, the other nibbles his hand, and NO ONE seems to care how he feels about it all.

Evan and Andrew are having some pretty good talks these days...

Plotting future escapades, no doubt.

"Just wait 'till I figure out how to use my arms and legs..."

"What are we gonna do then?"


On a barely-related note, I just read this fantastic blog post entitled "Postpartum" with my jaw sagging down.  I could have written every word.  Every.  Word.  Even the parts about railings and knives and contact lens stress and trying to shove my baby up my nose.  Astonishing.  Note to self:  Have Nathan read this, so that while he may not understand, at least he'll know.

And, um, I guess that's all I have to say about that.  Off to feed my people.


  1. This was hilarious. I want to snuggle the photos. But I loved your first sentence the best. ("add some of myself to the artichoke dip." Ha!)

  2. Eww! Remind me not to eat the artichoke dip next time I'm over. You know, since I come over so often.
    That picture of Jonah decorating the tree in gloves is hilarious! I love it! And those two little ones conspiring- just precious!
    Merry Christmas to your family!

  3. having two babies so close together has really changed your life for sure. They are beautiful and time will amke you feel better, and some chocolate.

  4. wow that post partum post was intense to say the least. One of the most important things she said is that she MOSTLY feels ok and if those feelings and thoughts were too frequent she would go to her doctor. There is a place when natural tx might not be enough to get through rough waters that rough. Maybe someone from your family will come visit and help out. Having your hubs read it will be interesting.
    I love the part about snuffling what is it about the way babies smell that makes us want to snort them? I remember well.