Friday, December 30, 2011

About Diapers

"Dude.  We... match."

"Mom.  Seriously."

Yeah, so... diapers.

Them diapers, they's buryin' me.

But that's partly by choice, because, yes, we use cloth.  And I have to say, I am very, very thankful for a big stash of cloth diapers and covers because I can't imagine how much money we would spend on the purchasing and disposing of disposable "paper" diapers.  

I mean, talk about painful.  That kind of a money hemorage would hurt.

But I change diapers and change diapers and wash diapers and wash diapers.

It's a lotta diapers!

It's nothing new.  Lots of Moms sing the same song.

(I should also note that I have a husband who is glad for the economy of cloth and doesn't quibble about changing them when he needs to.  That helps!  He is very sweet.) 

It's almost enough to drive me back to infant potty-training (also fashionably, but somewhat obnoxiously, termed "elimination communication" these days), which I actually did part-time with Jonah.  It seems weird to us Americans, but it's quite common throughout the world and history and to me, it just makes a lot of sense.  It was actually really easy with a bit of focus, but now I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.  I have no focus at all these days.  So, diapers it is.

My laundry room is Diaper Central.  I have a bin of Andrew-sized diapers and a bin of Evan-sized diapers.  I have clothes-pins on the wall for hanging clean covers to air-dry and be readily available.  I have lots of cloth wipes and the laundry sink is right there for warm water.  Our "changing table" is a folded towel on top of the washing machine.

I'm also very glad that cloth diapers have come a loooong way in the past few years and have improved considerably over the cloth diapers of... forever before.  I don't even use very fancy ones (too expensive!).  I go with basic prefolds and wrap-style covers because they're simple, versatile, and relatively cheap.  And none of those pins and horrid plastic pants.  They're really almost as easy as paper diapers, just that I have to keep them rinsed and washed.  And there are two kids-worth of them.  Which is saying something.  So I'm sayin' it.  Right now.

Lotsa diapers.  That's what I'm sayin'.

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  1. Yes, it really is great. You don't ever have to be down to your last two diapers and run to the store in the snowstorm or something.

    Also it's great you don't have pins. I always had to use pins and that was a pain. Sometimes it was a pain for the child too when they popped open.

    Now what you need is a front loading washer that uses very little soap and water for even more economy (and washes giant loads too!)