Friday, August 12, 2011

Too Much Yum

I just finished the most nearly-perfect batch of mozzarella cheese I have ever made.  And I've been making mozzarella for a couple years now.   The only thing that makes it less-than-perfect, I guess, would be the fact that it's made from goat's milk, as opposed to water-buffalo's milk.  So that means I can't technically call it "mozzarella" anyway.  Therefore, I deem this a perfect batch of "mozzarella-like".

I mean really, not to be tootin' my own horn or anything, or okay, maybe I am, but this cheese is pretty amazing.  This is after many, many, many, many batches of substandard or just plain horrid mozzarella.  This particular batch is creamy, mild, flavorful, stretchy, glossy, moist, tender.... mmmmmm...

So while it was still warm and stretchy, I layered globs of that perfect cheese with thick slices of juicy Yellow Oxheart tomato and Purple Ruffles basil (only some of which is actually purple or ruffly... most is just speckled, but still delicious and beautiful) and a sprinkle of fresh pepper.

Perfect summer treat.


  1. Yum! Yum!!
    Good job!! Make some for me too!

  2. WHOA!!! That is awesome! And man, that snack looks yummy! Wish I could come over and sit a spell!

    ps- can you recommend a cheese making source? do you need rennet to make mozz?