Friday, August 19, 2011

This is Not My Life...

...but I'll take it!  For the weekend, anyway.

Not that I'd always want to ride in a limo...

...or change diapers on a cowhide.

But what a special treat! 

[Random aside:  is that a basketball under my shirt?  I mean... seriously.]

The delicious food!

Lovely accommodations!

We are having a great time and enjoying our time with each other so much!  It's so great to hang out with my Mom and my dear only sister, and we had a great visit with Ree (Pioneer Woman!) last night over supper.  Evan isn't really sure what has happened to him, but he's adapting.  It won't be all fun and lazing around, cuz there's work to do for the pie class tomorrow, but we'll have tons of fun with that, too!  Off to take pictures and help with prep! More to come, I'm sure...


  1. Have fun and enjoy yourself. I know I don't have to tell you that...
    Did you use the proper Ree stance while shooting that mirror photo?

  2. What a great baby bump you've got!! Does Ree know what a great baker you are? Don't be shy!!! Evan looks happy

  3. Hold the phone. What is happening here?!?!

  4. Mandi-- follow the "pie class" link there in the last paragraph and read all about it! It was fun and we're home now and I will update soon.