Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little (or big) Behind

I'm so behind on updating here!  I often have things I think of to post, and sometimes even the pictures to go with them, but I am always pulled away by something else.

Like this.

Ever seen what a busy 13 month-old can do to a kitchen?  It can be scary.  He loves to explore now, and it seems like my floor is a constant mine-field of stuff he's pulled out from somewhere.

And we've been doing lots of fun summer stuff, too.  Jonah's begging to officially "start school" (even though we've been doing some reading and phonics and math all summer), but for now, I'm soaking up summer.

So are the boys.


...and playing in the sand (or dirt, or mud, or whatever else presents itself, hopefully not chicken poop).

Eating watermelon...

...and sweet corn. LOTS of sweet corn.  (Ugh... can you imagine what his diapers have been looking like lately?  Nevermind.  Sorry.  I keep mentioning poop, don't I?)

And speaking of sweet corn... I think I am just going to give up on planting that stuff.  I love picking and eating our own corn, but we seem to have so much trouble with it (germination, mainly) and then our Amish neighbors have piles of it and share it so generously and I'm wondering why I bother with trying to grow it.  The Amish are amazing with corn.  They seem to know exactly when to plant it so that it grows well, and then they pick it at the perfect time and it's never over or under ripe.  And they even always give us the perfect number of ears for a meal or two.  I love it.  And my corn is... pitiful.

Anyway.  So that's something of what we're up to these days.

Oh, and then there's... this.

Yes, that's right. My Mom is doing a pie class at Pioneer Woman's lodge.  And... I GET TO GO, TOO!  Really!  Unbelievable, I know!   My favorite sister is going, too, and I'm taking Evan and we're all flying to Oklahoma and spending this coming weekend at The Lodge.  Squee!!!  I'm not so much looking forward to flying, 7 1/2 months pregnant, with a 13 month old in my lap, but hey, it'll be well worth it!  It's gonna be so much FUN!  And I have a direct flight, so it shouldn't be too big a deal. 

A vacation!!  I get a vacation!  With my Mom and sister!  With a fabulous place to stay, for free!  SQUEEEEEE!

And... we're leaving in three days!  Ack!  So much to do!  But it's a vacation!  Yay!


  1. Can you believe it? I can't wait to squeeze my Finn!

  2. WOW how fun!!!! You should make some sourdough bread while your there they will be dazzled!!! I'm a little envious of this fun trip. What a great thing for you to do. Can't wait to see the posts! Evan is so cute and Jonah is a little man. Ditto on the corn. I'm about ready to toss the gardening thing. our farmer friends bring us more than we can use and they too do a much better job. our corn was a real dud. It didn't make anything at all, so much for Heirloom survival seeds.
    love the pics and have a wonderful time. You have got to do some baking too or I'm going to be disappointed. You are all gourmet cooks. Ree will be eating Evan up so your hands will be free. This is better than Christmas presents it's really exciting!!!!!