Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Supper

Coconut Chicken soup featuring nearly all ingredients that I grew in my yard (except the uh, coconut, obviously), homemade sourdough (well buttered, of course), fresh goat's milk from my sweet Opal, lacto-fermented chard ribs (an experimental pickle from late summer... the jury is still out on that one), and some sliced jicama for something fresh and juicy (on which I found a great deal at the grocery store-- didn't grow that one... though I tried...).

And just when I got it on the table and my guys came in like starved and frozen abominable snowmen (but far less abominable... quite lovable, in fact), the phone rang with a neighbor saying she needed Nathan to pull a car out of the snow. So off he went... and I'll be rewarming his soup.

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