Friday, February 26, 2010

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

There sure are a lot of babies around, it seems. I know quite a few people having babies any day now, and even though the world is still deeply winter, I see the animals gearing up for baby season as well.

In the past, I've had times where I have to try not to think about my friends' babies too much --trying to just be happy for them and then get on with my life, the fewer tears shed the better-- but this time, I'm so thankful that it only whets my appetite and makes me savor the all the little kicks in my own tummy.

Yesterday, I got to have a nice, long visit and several large cups of tea with a dear friend (I'm not kidding about the large cups-- she has a small stockpile of those giant mugs that are possibly intended for soup, but you better believe we drink tea from them and savor every sip!).

She has this little sweet pea, whose birth I had the privilege of witnessing last summer.

He's just adorable, even when wide-awake and wide-mouthed.

His bright little peepers are always watching the world go by, but I'm sure he's cleverly crafting his impending destruction of it... As soon as he can figure out how to get around, that is.

My friend also has these adorable little creatures:

They're just the tiniest little goats, hardly bigger than kittens.

One of her Nigerian Dwarf mamas popped these three out a week ago, two girls and a boy.

I wanted to just bring them right home with me and let them take up residence in my house.

Not the barn... I'm not sure I could relegate such cuteness to the barn.

I just love cute babies!

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  1. GAH! I want one! Can you have one? What a balm for the wound in your heart over your Capachino. I'm excited about your new baby too. Are you going to find out what it is or be surprised? I want to make a blanket for you. Do you have favorite baby colors? Those baby goats just kill me!!!