Friday, September 25, 2009

Wild Man

My Mom had given me this Indian (I don't really have to say "Native American", do I? I mean, after all, I'm a "native American" with German heritage...) costume quite a while ago. She'd saved it from my brothers so that Jonah could wear it. When he first saw it a few months ago, he acted like it was poison and was not about to put that weird thing on.

Well, yesterday he found it, and then proceeded to even put it on, with much joy and exclaiming.

Then, of course, he needed a proper weapon. And a hat. The hat makes the man, you know.

So I made him these things, after which he proceeded to beg for a "bucket on my back to hold my arrows!" and I put my foot down there. No quiver. Nathan laughed and said, "Happy is the man who has his bucket full of them..." Today, I did allow a target with a bullseye and a drawing of a buffalo to shoot at.

So now I don't think we'll ever be able to get him to take it off. It's part of him, and everything he talks about.

He wants to shoot buffalo.

"Indians don't sleep in beds!" we heard at bedtime.

"Indians don't have names!" he said when I called him for supper.

"Is there buffalo on my sandwich?" he asked at lunchtime.

It took a while for him to get the co-ordination of his little bow and arrow, but once he did, he spent the day stalking me with a loaded bow (takes a while to load, too) and shooting me when I walked by.

And you know what? The kid has remarkably good aim.

It's uncanny, really...

And yes, he is wearing the shirt backwards today...


  1. Hilarious!

    Just so you know, that outfit is "vintage". Great Uncle Randy wore it first when he was a tyke. It has survived amazingly well but I have a feeling Jonah could do it in.

    Now you need to read "Sign of the Beaver" to him.

  2. Hey! Are you repainting the living room? It looks like a new green. I like it!

  3. I kinda thought maybe your brothers had worn it, too... Gotta make sure Grandma M. sees this post. And yeah, it is in very good shape, but Jonah wants to live in it, so I'm afraid it may not make it past him.

    No, it's the same pea soup on the walls. It looks different at various times of the day. I have actually grown to like it, too. :-)

  4. That's beautiful. I can just imagine all that is running through his head. Enjoy your son. These are precious years.

  5. aaww he is too cute!

  6. Well that "vintage" Indian outfit is soon to be worn to death but what a great way to die! I can't believe how good he is with that stick bow and arrow. Is it my imagination or has that child shot up about 6 inches of the summer? This post is funny and charming and the comment about the full bucket of arrows is not lost on me. Are ye thinkin of expandin the family?

  7. Ah! This must be the origin of those famous Buffalo Chicken Wings!