Monday, September 21, 2009

Fallish Pursuits

Yesterday afternoon we had the privilege of picking some beautiful, unsprayed pears from a tree belonging to some people in our church. The owners of the tree are not able to pick this year, so we did the picking for them and split the produce.

The tree was positively loaded.

I'm not sure I've ever seen fruit hand so heavily.

Jonah must have eaten at least a half a dozen, in between asking when we would be done.

The picking was easy-- go up the ladder, come down a few minutes later with a filled bucket.

Nathan picked the highest pears...

...and I stuck to the lower ladder and peaked at him through the branches.

I had him move the ladder around for me between buckets-full.

I did... er... climb up into the crook of the tree to reach some pears on the inside...

Which was kinda stupid.

"Look, Ma! No brains!"

We finished up with crates and buckets full of wonderful Bosc pears.

And now the work really begins.

Sorting and canning and drying and storing...

So worth it.


  1. How wonderful. I can taste and smell them...well, almost.

  2. Awesome pictures. Bosc are the best. So flavorful in pie and baked goods.

    Here I am in Pear Land and I don't have any!

  3. Mjam.
    Pursuits, by the way, with two u's.
    And I just noticed - how'd you get your blog so wide? I want that format too.

  4. Uh... I, Uh... meant to do that... e-hem. I oughta get more sleep...

    I used the "Minima" format and then got into the code to adjust it here and there... I can do yours if you'd like. It would only take a few minutes.

  5. Great photos. Makes me want pears. But then, I have a hundred varieties of exotic fruit you don't have, so maybe I don't care. Wait- there are pears here too.

    Okay, I'm good.

  6. wow gorgeous. I am salivating at the sight.