Monday, September 14, 2009

Only Mostly Dead

So, one week post abdominal surgery. I've been doing more and more every day, just avoiding lifting and other strenuous things as per my two-week light duty instructions.

Had lots of energy this morning-- actually did my own dishes. Wiped of the stove. Swept the floor. Felt good to have some semblance of cleanliness (just a very little, really) returned to this place.

Then this afternoon, I went to town to get a few groceries in the house. It was time. So I stopped at a couple stores, took it slow, didn't let Jonah ride in the cart ("You have to help Mommy push the cart. No, HELP me. Don't... hey! Get your foot down! No, push with two feet! Jonah! You can't ride. Push! Help me push! Get your foot off. You're dragging. St... Arg! Stop it!"), and went to a co-op order in which I had everyone else do all the lifting and carrying.

And I drove home...



Ugh. I can't believe I'm this tired after a little trip to town. I let Nathan bring in and put groceries away because I couldn't wait to hit the couch. Must. Lay. Down. Now.

Supper? Who needs supper? Scrounge. I'm not making food. I feel like a shop rag.


  1. I had visions of Billy Crystal pumping your mouth with the fire puffer thingy. :) Take it easy. You're still healing.

  2. Good grief, you scared the heck out of me for a second there.

    "And I drove home.... And....



    Whew, anyway.... :P

  3. Scrapingirl-- yeah, I was having the same visions... :-P

    Lyssa-- Oh, uh... er... I guess I didn't think of that possibility when I wrote that. Sorry. Eh-hem. Oops.

  4. Only mostly dead, but-

    You got bettah...

    I see your Princess Bride quote and raise you a Monty Python.

    Also, I thought, too, that you got in a car accident, thus the "mostly dead."

  5. I got it, knew you are still feeling the effects of surgery. Those are some powerful drugs we use, and then there is that inflamed appendix, those little buggers can kill you. Your fine, it's all "normal" yeah right.